Lighting Solutions



Lednix offers lighting solutions at all levels, from projects for offices or industrial buildings to large sporting spaces.

Our Professionals are prepared to advise you in all phases of your project, with a personalized attention that takes into account the specific needs of your company.

Sports Lighting

High quality lighting is essential to achieve a perfect visibility in the training and sports competitions held at night time.

At Lednix We specialize in lighting projects for clubs and sports associations. We Make an exhaustive study of the characteristics of the installation and we offer the solutions that you need to guarantee the maximum comfort and performance of the athletes.

Office lighting

Our lighting projects in workspaces, have as a fundamental requirement, the care of the visual health of the employees.

The luminaries with dazzling factor UGR < 17, increase the sense of wellbeing of the workers. The absence of flickers also prevents problems in people who spend long periods of time exposed to artificial light.

Retail lighting

In the lighting projects of commercial spaces, the quality of the light is essential to be able to highlight the product and to draw the attention of your clients.

In Lednix We work with luminaries with a high CRI index, that avoid the distortion of the colors and whose beam of light can be adjusted to direct the eyes of the clients. They are Also perfect for decorating and creating spectacular spaces and showcases.

Public lighting

Lednix develops lighting projects for all types of outdoor spaces, from transit roads to public areas such as parkings, parks or squares.

We have a wide range of LED Spotlights with the latest technology, with powerful light sources, capable of taking full advantage of the electricity emitted and reducing the consumption and temperature up to a 90 with respect to conventional bulbs.

Industrial lighting

An Industrial Lighting Project is always the most demanding. It Must be a comfortable and quality lighting that favors the visibility in the warehouses. It must Also be powerful and resistant, to withstand the demand of the industry

Lednix puts at your fingertips special LED luminaries for industrial environments, equipped with the latest technological advances. They Are products of exclusive design and manufactured in highly resistant materials.